First Experience at House-Hunting

Last Saturday was our first experience at looking at houses as potential buyers. Technically, we can’t really buy a house until January but since we’ve never done this before, we wanted to get out there and see what is involved and get some experience.

The first house we looked at was a house that we had seen the outside of and really liked the huge backyard and the look of the neighborhood. Now we were able to actually go inside. The house had a great basement that had its own bathroom. It was obviously an older house as the colors in the bathroom were icky. The main downfall to it was no central air. That is probably going to be a dealbreaker for us when it comes to a house. I liked that it had a built-in cabinet with glass doors in the dining area.

The next house was a 2 story with basement. The yard was okay and we liked the front porch. One issue for us was the lack of a double entryway to have a safeguard against the cats getting out when we come in the house. I liked the view from the master bedroom. However, we started to go into the basement and the smell stopped us in our tracks. It was flooded and smelled horrible. Not good.

Both of the above houses were in Redford. The last house we went to look at was in Farmington Hills, not far at all from where we currently live. We had also driven by this house a couple weeks ago and saw that it had a door into the attached garage (the double entryway we want for the cats’ protection). The first thing I noticed when we walked in was it smelled like someone had been smoking. The carpet in the living room was badly stained and will definitely need replacement. The downstairs is a nice open floor plan and I liked the flooring in the entryway. The kitchen has an island and nice countertops. There is a half bath on the main floor and a basement that is unfinished but not bad looking. The stairway upstairs curves around which I liked and there is a wall around the hallway where you can look down into the stairway. I started oohing and ahhing when I walked into the master bathroom. A shower stall and 2 sinks!! Not having to juggle around in the mornings trying to get ready with 1 sink and mirror! That was a huge plus for me. It also had a nice backyard that was partially fenced in.

All in all, it was a good experience to see what’s involved in this. We really liked the last house we saw and it would be nice if we could actually move forward to buying it. But it’s all in God’s timing and we need to make wise choices financially and see what He has planned for us.


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