Choices – Living Your Own Life

Jono and I made the decision during our engagement that we did not plan to have children. This decision has remained and is still our choice after almost 13 years of marriage. Most people that know this is our choice have been accepting of it and have not tried to argue with us regarding it. This has not been the experience for many people who have chosen childlessness. Often those who choose not to have children get grief from others over this choice. Yet really it is a choice – an individual or couple’s choice. We each have to live our own life and make our own choices. We cannot make the choice for other people’s lives. They are the ones who have to live with the consequences of their choices, just as we have to live with the consequences of our choices.

It seems that often people will judge other people’s choices. Why do we do this? We often do not know all the facts of the situation and the reasons behind their particular choices. So how can we judge the choice that they have made? They are the ones that have to answer to God for their choices, not us. Just as we have to answer to God about our own choices in life. Ultimately the choices we make our between us and God (and our spouse if we are married). We do not have to try to please other people – God is the one whom we are to honor and glorify with our lives.


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