Lessons in Waiting

This past week has been a lesson in waiting and being patient. We had the walk-through of our condo on Tuesday and loved what they did with the renovations – new carpet and vinyl flooring, new appliances and finishing the basement. The hope was to close on Thursday. However, we ran into some snags on Wednesday when the appraiser came back with a value less than the purchase price. So that had to be haggled out, eventually going back to the seller to see if they were willing to lower the selling price. They were, if we gave in to some concessions as well. So, bottom line, our mortgage will be lower, and we will not get some cash back that we were expecting after closing. Overall, in the long term, it will save us money on interest over the 30-year loan of the mortgage. At this point, we still don’t have a closing date, though next week seems to be likely.
The excitement of seeing our new home and then not being able to close right away was difficult for me. I knew that the details would eventually work out, but the waiting was the hard part for me as I was anxious to get into the new place, take pictures and start moving boxes over. But that has been put off a bit longer and I am learning to wait for God’s timing. His plan is always best, even when it doesn’t appear to make sense at the time. He has provided us with a lower mortgage and that is a huge blessing!


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