Worry Not

I’ve always been a worrier. It’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life. God has been teaching/reminding me lately that worry is a sin against Him. When I worry, I’m basically telling God that I don’t trust Him. That I don’t believe He is in control and is able to handle any situation or circumstance that I face. He has proven His love for me and His sovereignty. I need to not try to control my own life but let go and trust Him to handle things. Worry does not reflect a life that pleases God.

Can God be trusted?
Is the question
What my heart can truly say
Do I believe His promise to me?
That He cares for me each day?
When I worry
I am saying
I don’t trust You God to save.
Spitting on His power holy
I may as well just walk away.
God is sovereign
Mercy tender
Teaching me to trust Him more.
I must lay the care of worry
At His feet and close the door.
God can handle
Any problem
“Worry not” He says to me.
He will tackle each high mountain.
I let go and peaceful be.

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