The Growth God Takes Us Through

Sometimes my heart is full and I’m not really sure what to share or where to start. God has really grown me a lot in the last several years and I have been learning how to better trust Him and how to focus more on what matters in eternity rather than the temporary troubles we face here. This year has been difficult so far – I’ve been sick a lot more than usual so have been discouraged at how little I seem to get done. There’s been a death at my workplace which was like losing a family member as we are a small, close-knit company. And things have come to light that happened in my childhood that have opened my eyes to injustice that happened to friends of mine and how badly a Christian organization handled an abusive and criminal situation.

Yet what I have faced is nothing compared to the trials that many face on a daily and even hourly basis. This world is hard. It is difficult and sometimes relentless. Yet God continues to show His faithfulness and His incredible grace and love. I would be lost without God in my life, helping me day by day to face what comes my way.