4th of July for the TCK

As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), being born overseas and growing up in other countries, America’s celebration of Independence Day on 4th of July was never really a big deal for me. I didn’t have much, if any, patriotism growing up. My home wasn’t really the USA anyway. Though my parents are American and I have US citizenship, I didn’t feel a lot of loyalty to the US since I lived most of my formative years elsewhere.

When September 11th happened, I found some sense of patriotism with the rest of America and the outrage that someone would attack our country like this. That faded as time went on and America continued down its course of morality freefall and materialistic humanism.

I understand celebrating the independence of our nation and the freedom we won so many years ago. Freedom that seems to now be eroding. There may come a day, even in my lifetime, where we no longer have the freedom to worship as we want. That seems to be the path that America is headed down.

For me, though this country is where my current citizenship is, it is just a temporary place for me to dwell. My eternal citizenship is in Heaven, thanks to Jesus. There is where I have my eternal home waiting for me.


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