The "Follow Your Dreams" Ideology

The American culture seems to be awash in the philosophy of teaching our children to “follow your dreams” and “you can do anything you put your mind to”. Yet the Bible says nothing about following our dreams and everything about following Jesus. It says nothing about our ability to do or be anything we want and everything about our total dependence on God for everything. We are doing our children a disfavor by teaching them this philosophy which is purely humanistic and secular.
This philosophy really stands out in shows like the reality TV show “American Idol”. So many of the contestants trying out talk about following their dream. In this season alone, I’ve heard at least 2 of the women say that they left their marriages because their husband was holding them back from following their dreams. Where did we get the idea that this is the point for our living? That following our dreams is a necessary part of feeling fulfilled in life? As I am reading through the Bible, the stories of many of the Old Testament people is that of oppression and devastation when they tried to follow their dreams by worshiping the idols of those around them. Many of the prophets suffered from being outcasts in their own culture because of the message they tried to teach the people. Jeremiah is an example of someone who had a horrible life in spite of the fact that he was faithful to God.
We need to get beyond the idea that this life is about our own personal fulfillment and happiness. God never promises that we will enjoy this life here on earth. If anything, the opposite seems to be true. I often think that the hardships of this life are meant to remind us that this is not our forever home. This is only a temporary resting place on our journey to our real home with God forever.