Self-Esteem & Seeking Happiness

There seems to be a lot of emphasis, particularly in psychology and counseling, to raise people’s self-esteem. Problems are linked to a low self-esteem. Yet, in reality, the Bible makes it clear that we are prone to think too highly of ourselves. Even a low view of ourselves is still a focus on ourselves.
I just finished reading a book How to Find Selfless Joy in a Me-First World by Leslie Vernick that talks about how we tend to focus on ourselves and what will make us happy and satisfied rather than on what will please God. It is so easy in the culture we live in that focuses on me-first and the pursuit of pleasure to get side-tracked into what will make us happy instead of seeking God’s purposes. We are not on this earth to be happy. We are here to glorify God. It is not all about us and our desires and interests. It is about God and His purposes.


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