Lies Women Believe – About God

Several years ago I went through the book and study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss – Lies Women Believe. Overall it was a good study. I plan to post my notes from the study over the next few weeks.

Lie: God is not really good. If He were, He would…
Truth: God is good, and everything He does is good. He never makes mistakes.

Lie: God doesn’t love me.
Truth: God’s love for me is infinite and unconditional. I don’t have to perform to earn God’s love or favor. He always has my best interests at heart.

Lie: God is just like my father.
Truth: God is exactly what He has revealed Himself to be in His Word. He is infinitely more wise and loving than any earthly father could ever be.

Lie: God is not really enough.
Truth: God is enough. If I have Him, I have all I need.

Lie: God’s ways are too restrictive.
Truth: God’s ways are best, and His restrictions are for my good. Resisting or rebelling will only bring trouble.

Lie: God should fix my problems.
Truth: Life is hard. God doesn’t guarantee that He will fix all my problems; in fact, God is more concerned about fulfilling His eternal purpose in and through me in the midst of those problems.

Our view of God affects how we live and the choices that we make. Some of the faulty views that people have of God include that He is a tyrant and dictator. This causes them to not want anything to do with Him. The source of evil in the world is disobedience. This has affected our world by causing work to be drudgery, pain and heartache to be part of our lives, and relationships to fall apart. Yet God has redeemed us, provided a way to have a relationship with Him, and given us His Son as our Savior.
People often feel they have to earn God’s love. This can be because of how their earthly fathers treated them. Perhaps disapproval was expressed over wrongdoing and they were made to feel that they didn’t measure up. God’s love, however, is not based on our actions or behavior. Nothing can separate us from His love.
Some of the things that I may look to to fill a need in my life are books and other “stuff”. If I lived as though I really believed that Christ and His Word are sufficient, then perhaps I wouldn’t depend so much on material things to feel happy.
Some of the restrictions that people think are burdensome or unfair include things like marriage fidelity or waiting until marriage to have sex. Yet these instructions are for our good and help protect us from disease and heartache in relationships.


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