Lies Women Believe

Our understanding of truth is important because it keeps us walking with God.
The theme in our culture that there are no absolutes and whatever truth works for you is good seems to be tolerant on the surface, but it ultimately leads to immorality, no standards.
Lies that are widely accepted as truth by our society – it’s okay to have sex outside of marriage, homosexuality is okay/natural, abortion is okay since it’s not really a person yet. These cause pain, disease, and murder of unborn babies.
Some widespread problems in our world include divorce and the breakdown of marriage. This comes from the lie that if I’m not happy, then I must be with the wrong person.
Eve is an example of a woman in the Bible who was deceived and then influenced another to sin. Women in our day have been deceived. One way that deception has influenced sinful choices in others is in adultery.
Some of Satan’s offers that are appealing to women today are not necessarily inherently evil. Yet they keep us from focusing on the Truth. These include soap operas and the appeal of romantic figures; weight loss programs and having the perfect body.
A way to avoid being deceived and be more discerning is to compare with Scripture. Does it hold up to the scrutiny of the Bible?

The progression that takes us from initial deception to bondage:

1. Listen to the lie
2. Dwell on the lie
3. Believe the lie
4. Act on the lie

Steps we can take to help move us from bondage to freedom:
1. Identify the areas of bondage/sinful behavior.
2. Identify the lies at the root of bondage.
3. Replace the lies with Truth.


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