Lies Women Believe – About Ourselves

Lie: I’m not worth anything.
Truth: My value is not determined by what others think of me or what I think of myself. My value is determined by how God views me – and I am precious to Him.

Lie: I need to learn to love myself.
Truth: By faith, I need to receive God’s love for me. I naturally love myself; I need to deny myself and let God love others through me.

Lie: I can’t help the way I am.
Truth: If I am God’s child, I can choose to obey Him. I am responsible for my own choices. God’s Spirit can change me.

Lie: I have my rights.
Truth: Claiming rights will put me in bondage. Yielding rights will set me free.

Lie: Physical beauty matters more than inner beauty.
Truth: Physical beauty is fleeting. The beauty that matters most to God is the beauty of my inner spirit and character.

Lie: I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings.
Truth: I will always have unfulfilled longings this side of heaven. The deepest longings of my heart cannot be fulfilled by any person or thing. My unfulfilled longings can help me look forward to heaven.

The criteria that most people use to evaluate their worth and others’ worth is their performance and what other people think of them. The danger of focusing on positive self-esteem and learning to love ourselves is that the focus becomes all about me. Luke 12:4-7 reassures us that God notices even the sparrows; how much more will He take care of us.
Our source of power for living a new life is in Christ. We have died to our old life through Him. Galatians 5:16-17 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 talk about the new nature we’ve been given and that the Holy Spirit resides in us.
Yielding our rights affects are relationship with God and others. It can produce less conflict when we are not so focused on getting what is “owed” us.
Practical ways that Christian women can cultivate inner beauty are through compassion to others and reaching out with acts of kindness.
A focus on eternity can help us to deal with unfulfilled longings. It reminds us that this world is not our true home. See Hebrews 11:13-16.

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