Lies Women Believe – About Sin

Lie: I can sin and get away with it.
Truth: Sin has consequences, and I cannot escape those consequences.

Lie: My sin isn’t really that bad.
Truth: Every act of sin is an act of rebellion against God and required the death of His Son. No sin is small.

Lie: God can’t forgive what I have done.
Truth: The blood of Jesus is sufficient to cover any and every sin. No sin is too big for God to forgive. God’s grace is always greater than our sin.

Lie: I am not fully responsible for my actions and reactions.
Truth: I am responsible for my own choices.

Lie: I cannot walk in consistent victory over sin.
Truth: I am not a slave to sin. I have been set free through Christ.

God takes sin seriously because He is holy. He cannot dwell with evil. People cannot sin and get away with it. There are consequences even if these consequences can’t be seen – such as emotional and mental struggles. The Cross shows us the truth – that Christ would have died for just 1 sin. That’s all it takes to separate us from God.
The quote that begins “Sin is the best news there is…” has to do with there is a remedy for sin. God has provided a way out.
God doesn’t make us instantly perfect when we get saved. This helps us to learn to be a testimony to others and it helps to deepen our relationship with God as we continue the struggle against sin. Practical ways to deal with our struggle: prayer, Scripture memorization, accountability to other Christians.

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