Martha to the Max by Debi Stack

This book ties in somewhat with the lies that we tell ourselves and the truth that we need to remember. I read this book several years ago. Here are some thoughts from it:

Lie: If we tried harder, we could get everything in our lives under control. Then life would be perfect and we would be happy.
Truth: Perfection is an illusion.

Lie: All those inner imperatives (the ought to, need to, should messages in our minds) are true. If we achieved them, our pressure and stress would go away.
Truth: Truth sets us free; lies keep us in bondage.

Lie: God’s love for us fluctuates based on our performance.
Truth: God’s love for us is based on His character, not our performance.

Lie: We should use every ability we have to the utmost at all times, even if it harms us or someone else. After all, didn’t Christ suffer for us?
Truth: Our abilites are gifts from God to be used within healthful boundaries.

Lie: Everything is equally important and urgent.
Truth: Only one thing is needful.

1. God is perfect truth. We reflect that not by operating from lies, but by thinking on, acting in, and speaking truth.
2. God is perfect love. We reflect that not by withholding affection when we’re displeased, but by loving ourselves and others unconditionally.
3. God is perfect mercy. We reflect that not by being judgmental and bitter, but by extending extravagant compassion.
4. God is perfect grace. We reflect that not by rationing pity, but by showering reckless benevolence.
5. God is perfect peace. We reflect that not by clenching control, but by surrendering to His sovereignty.


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