Lies Women Believe – About Emotions

Lie: If I feel something, it must be true.
Truth: My feelings cannot always be trusted. They often have little to do with reality and easily deceive me. I must choose to reject any feelings that are not consistent with the Truth.

Lie: I can’t control my emotions.
Truth: I do not have to be controlled by my emotions. I can choose to fix my mind on the Truth, to take every thought captive to the Truth, and to let God control my emotions.

Lie: I can’t help how I respond when my hormones are out of whack.
Truth: By God’s grace, I can choose to obey Him regardless of how I feel. There is no excuse for ungodly attitudes, responses, or behavior. My physical and emotional cycles and seasons are under the control of my Creator.

Lie: The answer to depression must first be sought in medication and/or psychotherapy.
Truth: Physical and emotional symptoms of depression may be the fruit of issues in the spirit that need to be addressed. If depression did not originate as a physical problem, medication will not permanently relieve it.

2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us take captive every thought. This can make a difference for us by causing us to stop and ask whether our thoughts are truth or not.
God has provided His Holy Spirit to help us in dealing with our emotions during times of hormonal chaos. These times of fluctuating emotions can draw us closer to God by causing us to rely on Him to help control our mood swings.
My opinion on part of why depression has become so widespread is the high expectations that are placed on women nowadays which causes too much stress. Some of the heart issues that may result in depression are unresolved anger and bitterness, lack of forgiveness. Without dealing with these issues, we will rot from the inside out. God has made His Word available for help in dealing with depression as well as the encouragement of fellow believers to come alongside us during our difficult times.
In Lamentations 3, the prophet Jeremiah is in anguish. Ultimately he places his hope in the Lord.

The above was originally from 2006 when I did this study. I do want to clarify that I don’t think it is wrong to take medication for depression. Medicine should not be used to just mask the symptoms of depression, but can help to correct any chemical imbalances. Depression can be a result of many things, some of which are physically based. While I think it is important to determine what may be causing the depression and work on any deeper-rooted issues involved, I also think medication can help to clear the mind and re-align the chemicals properly in order to deal with the underlying issues more clearly. Telling someone who is depressed to just “snap out of it” is very hurtful and not at all helpful. Believe me, if they were able to snap out of it on their own, they would! If suffering from depression, it is important to see a doctor to rule out any physical problems that may be involved (ie thyroid imbalance). Medication can be a temporary stop-gap to help in treating depression and should not automatically be ruled out by Christians as an option. 

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