Worldviews in Conflict

In order to share with others the gospel, we often must first confront their presuppositions or where they are coming from. A person’s worldview affects how they view all of life. It used to be that most Americans viewed the Bible as true and talking about God often meant starting from common ground. Now with the secular, postmodern view so prevalent, Christians must first establish the reliability of the Bible and who God is, before moving ahead with the gospel message. It is similar to witnessing to someone in a different religion. When sharing the gospel with a Muslim or Hindu, one needs to know what they believe to be able to answer their questions. In the same way, the postmodern culture of America has become a new “religion” or way of viewing the world that is not the same as the biblical worldview.

Defending your faith requires not just knowing what you believe and why, but often what the other person believes. Being able to counter the claims of the secular culture that we live in is a necessary part of reaching others with the truth of the gospel in this day and age we live in.


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