Quality Friendship by Gary Inrig

I read this book several years ago and it is on my list of favorite books now. I hope to re-read it at some point. Below is a blog post I did around the time of reading it, summarizing key points from the book. Friendship can be difficult for me as an introvert as I need my space/time alone to re-charge. Others don’t always understand that. But as a Christian, I am called to live in community and friendship with other believers is crucial to my walk with Christ.

“The essential basis of friendship is not who we know, but who we are.”
“…it depends on being the right person.”
1. The extent of the Lord’s friendship is sacrificial love.
2. The effect of the Lord’s friendship is change.
3. The expression of the Lord’s friendship is intimacy.
4. The initiative of the Lord’s friendship is His love.
5. The goal of the Lord’s friendship is fruitfulness.

To ponder in response:
(1) what are the limits of my friendship? do I use people or lay down my life for them? what do I know/how much do I know of sacrificial love?
(2) what is my impact on others? am I a change agent for godliness in my friend’s life? is he more of a disciple because of me? am I giving away myself in such a way that God-given needs are being met in his life?
(3) do I take the risk of openness or is there a carefully constructed wall around my life that no one can penetrate? have I ever expressed verbally my love and appreciation for my friend and displayed that love by opening up my life to him?
(4) am I an initiator of love, or am I waiting for others to earn my approval or to reach out to me? do I choose people as friends because of my needs or because of their needs?
(5) how am I helping my friend realize his potential in any or every area of life? is he fruitful because of me?


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