Bible Study Fellowship & Genesis

So I signed up for Bible Study Fellowship this year but after going for a couple weeks, I decided it was not for me. It wasn’t really what I was expecting and it was taking a lot more out of me than I was getting in return. They are currently doing the study of Genesis.

At our church, one of the current adult Sunday School classes is on Genesis 1-11. So I was thoroughly absorbed in Genesis 1 for a couple weeks. 🙂 Here is a poem I wrote concerning it:

God said and it was so
Immense power to command and go
Light from darkness He proclaimed
Plants and earth and life He made.

God declared and made it be
His will set forth for all to see
Creative power displayed in might
He made the day and also the night.

God before time created it
Put man on Earth for stewardship
He declared good all that was made
All glory to Him throughout displayed.


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