The New Normal

On June 19, 2004, our lives were forever changed by bringing home 2 new family members.



They were 6 months old at the time. For the last 8 years, they have added joy and entertainment to our lives with their affection, playfulness and cuteness.


And then we discovered that Storm had cancer. We had to say good-bye to our little girl. It’s amazing how one little kitty can leave such a huge hole in your life. She was so much a part of our daily lives, greeting us when we came home from work, sitting on our laps in the evenings or weekends while we watched TV, being vocal around 7:30 every evening when it was time for her wet food :-). The house is not the same without her in it.

We are incredibly thankful for the many years that we were able to enjoy her. She had a wonderful life, full of love and attention.

Whenever we experience the loss of someone or something in our lives, our lives are changed forever. It will never be the way it was. Instead, we go on to experience what has become the “new normal”. Now we have to adjust to life without Storm, to having a one-cat household with just Mocha. Life doesn’t always go the way we want, in fact it often isn’t what we expect it to be. I think God allows loss and trials in our life to remind us that this world we live in is temporary. It is not our forever home. We can’t get too comfortable here. An eternal home awaits us that is beyond our wildest dreams.

So thankful for the many wonderful memories that we have of Storm (and lots of pictures! :-). Thankful for the time that God allowed us to have her. What a blessing she was!


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