Bible Reading Plans

I’ve always loved looking at different Bible reading plans and finding interesting ways to read through the Bible. I’ve mentioned before my favorite reading plan so far is the Genres reading plan. I still highly recommend that plan as a way to read through the Bible without getting quite as bogged down in some of the more difficult books.

When I first signed up for the Bible in 90 Days plan, the chronological plan was offered for the first time, but unfortunately the first plan that was listed had some errors in it and was missing parts of the Bible. Jono and I found a chronological plan that we liked that was for reading through the Bible in a year and then we edited it down to the 90 days. The Bible in 90 Days hostesses were able to get a different plan listed which is being used for the current Bible in 90 Days participants. But Jono and I saved our version to use at a later date or to use for going through the Bible in a year.
 B90Days Chrono Plan-page-001
B90Days Chrono Plan-page-002

B90Days Chrono Plan-page-003
If you’re not able to read the above pictures, you can also find them on my Flickr page here for page 1, here for page 2, and here for page 3.


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