Christmas Growing Up

Scrapbook pages that my mom did of us kids growing up.

 1974 – Debi’s first Christmas

 1975 – Debi is 22 months old.

 1976 – Debi is almost 3 and her brother Dave has his first Christmas

 1977 Christmas

Christmas in the States

 Christmas program at church in the US


 Christmas program in Bangladesh

1979 – Debi is almost 6, Dave is almost 4, and it is her sister Dawn’s first Christmas

 1980 Christmas

Debi’s Mom’s parents (Grandpa & Grandma) came out to Bangladesh to visit

Debi’s Dad’s side of the family – her grandma, aunt, uncle & cousins

 1982 Christmas

Growing up, when we had Christmas in Bangladesh, we would gather around the tree and fireplace on Christmas eve (though Bangladesh is in the tropics, it did get a bit chilly in the evenings during the winter months and we had no heat in our house other than a fireplace). We would read the Christmas story and then open gifts. On Christmas morning, we would get our stockings. I loved the traditions that we had for Christmas growing up. In a life that was ever-changing and moving around, the traditions we had on the holidays helped to provide some stability for this missionary kid growing up.


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