For Calvinism by Michael Horton

For CalvinismFor Calvinism by Michael S. Horton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is likely the last book that I’ll finish for 2012. It was an overview of Calvinism and what Calvinists believe – debunking some of the myths and caricatures of Calvinists. Overall it was a good read, probably better for those who don’t completely understand what Calvinists believe.

“If sin were reduced to mere acts of sin, we could perhaps conclude that with enough education and moral reform, as well as good laws, we could eliminate injustice, immorality, and strife. If we could just identify the source of evil in some external social structure or group of people, perhaps there would be the hope that with proper prisons and therapy we could solve the problem. However, we are all both sinners and sinned against. This means that we cannot reduce sin to behaviors that one can just stop doing or to wrong actions and behaviors that have been committed against a person. The biblical view of sin is more complicated; we are both victims and victimizers. Caught up in the web of original and actual sin, blame is not easily placed simply on one person or on others or on social systems. We are violated and we violate.”

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