Update on 2013 Reading List

I had a goal of at least 40 books I wanted to read in 2013. This list can be found here. So far I have completed 6 out of the 40. However, I have attempted to read and given up on another 11 of them. So 17 of the 40 are now crossed off the list. I’m currently reading 2 of the books that are on the list.
All in all, I have completed 13 books so far for 2013.

1. The Complete Guide to Bible Translations by Ron Rhodes
2. Taking the Word to Heart by Nancy Taylor
3. Am I Really a Christian? by Mike McKinley
4. Plague by H.W. “Buzz” Bernard
5. Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by E. Randolph Richards & Brandon J. O’Brien
6. How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth by Mark Strauss & Gordon Fee
7. Final Vector by Alan Leverone
8. The Search for Christian America by Mark Noll & George Marsden
9. Living for God’s Glory by Joel Beeke
10. How to Study the Bible for Yourself by Tim LaHaye
11. Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur
12. Understanding the Big Picture of the Bible by Wayne Grudem
13. The New How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur

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