The Adventures of Self-Publishing

I recently discovered that I was able to publish my book of poetry on the Amazon Kindle. However, after doing so, I ran into problems with the formatting. Four of the poems ended up mixed together. After trying to upload a new file and still running into issues, I ended up unpublishing it. Meanwhile, I was working to make this poetry book available in print version on Amazon. Once that was done and proofed, there was also the option of publishing that to Kindle. So now my poetry book Life Musings: A Book of Poetry is available on Amazon both in print edition and Kindle edition. The print version is $4.99 while the Kindle version is 99cents.

If interested, you can go here to get one or the other.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Self-Publishing

  1. It must be really exciting, as a book lover, to have your own published book! I know you had a few formatting issues, but besides that was it a fairly easy process?


  2. Yes, actually it was fairly easy to do, particularly the print version. Through Amazon, they have a “Create Space” affiliate that helps you through the process. I'm excited about potentially publishing more items as I continue my writing journey.


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