Nine Years

Nine years ago today, Jono and I brought home Mocha and Storm, 2 six-month-old cats that we adopted from a cat rescue organization.


These 2 creatures changed our lives forever, bringing us much laughter, affection, and companionship. They stole our hearts and became part of our family. After 6 years of living with us in a 1-bedroom apartment, we moved into our 2-story condo and their world expanded to include much more room for running and lounging and the fun of stairs to gallop up and down.
Storm lounges in upstairs hallway

Mocha perches on stairs

Storm enjoys the new view out the living room window
Last September, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Storm when we discovered she had cancer and our lives have not been the same since. This is our first “Gotcha” Day without her and she is greatly missed. Thankful that we are still able to enjoy our time with Mocha. She provides us with much cuteness and hilarity.

Thankful for the sweetness these 2 little girls have brought to our lives!

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