The New Tolerance by Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler

The New Tolerance: How a Cultural Movement Threatens to Destroy You, Your Faith, and Your Children.The New Tolerance: How a Cultural Movement Threatens to Destroy You, Your Faith, and Your Children. by Josh McDowell
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The definition of tolerance has changed in America. This new definition has penetrated the culture. Now to disagree with someone else’s view is considered intolerant. This book was published in 1998 and is even more true now, several years later.
Christians must constantly be on guard against this cultural movement that considers truth to be relative. Claiming to have absolute truth, that there is only one way to heaven, is considered not only intolerant, but hateful. This has permeated the education system, government and society at large. Children are growing up in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity.
What are we to do against this increasing anti-Biblical sentiment? This book offers some practical solutions for countering this thinking. While we must be loving towards those who disagree with us, we also must continue to point out the truth. Love is not a blind acceptance but seeks what is best for the other person. Pointing out the truth in a loving manner rather than ignoring the treacherous path that someone is on is not intolerant but a way to show love. Love involves a concern for those who are deceived and heading down a destructive way, seeking to bring them to the truth rather than the falsehood that will destroy their lives. From the book, “aggressively live in love while humbly standing for truth”.


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