Insights from 1 Timothy – chapters 5 & 6

I enjoyed doing this study of 1 Timothy – here are my thoughts on chapters 5 & 6.

Chapter 5:
Older men as fathers
younger men as brothers
older women as mothers
younger women as sisters
in all purity
Family to care for widows
Church for those with no family
Those who persist in sin – rebuke (context is elders) – don’t play favorites
Qualifications for widows:

  • 60 years of age
  • wife of 1 husband
  • reputation of good works
  • brought up children
  • shown hospitality
  • washed feet of saints
  • cared for afflicted
  • devoted herself to every good work
Don’t enroll younger widows
  • desire to marry
  • passions drawn away from Christ
  • abandon former faith
  • learn to be idlers, gossips
Encourage them to marry, bear children, manage households, give adversary no reason to slander
Instructions for how to treat elders
-Worthy of double honor
-Don’t receive accusation except on basis of 2 or 3 witnesses
-If continue in sin – rebuke in presence of all – as example
-Don’t show partiality
-Don’t lay hands hastily
Chapter 6:
Honor masters – way to honor God
Godliness – doctrine/sound words
Teach and urge – respect and service
Anyone doesn’t agree with doctrine (sound words) of Christ and teaching that accords with godliness – these are proud, don’t know anything. Unhealthy desire for conflict (controversy) and quarreling.
  • envy
  • dissension
  • slander
  • evil suspicions
  • constant friction
among people who are depraved – in mind; deprived of the truth. they think godliness is a way to gain (means).
Godliness with contentment = great gain
Content with food and clothing  – “can’t take it with you”
Those desiring riches – fall into temptation
Senseless – harmful desires
Plunge people into ruin and destruction
Love of money – root of other evils
this craving causes some to walk away
Man of God – instructions
-Flee love of riches

  • righteousness
  • godliness
  • faith
  • love
  • steadfastness
  • gentleness
Fight the good fight of faith
Called to eternal life – take hold of it
Keep the commandment – unstained & free of reproach
God alone has immortality – dwells in unapproachable light; no one has ever seen or can see
For the rich – don’t be haughty; don’t set hope on riches but on God
God richly provides with everything to enjoy
-Do good
-Be rich in good works
-Be generous and ready to share
This stores up treasure – foundation for future – in order to take hold of what is really life
Irreverent babble & contradictions – falsely called knowledge (avoid)
by professing above – some have swerved from faith

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