The Wayfinding Bible

Wayfinding Bible-NLT

I love Bibles! So when an opportunity to review this recent Bible from Tyndale came, I jumped at the chance. I’m also passionate about getting people into reading the Bible. So I really like that this Bible has 3 different reading plans to get into God’s Word.

First, the flyover route – this gives you an overview of the events of the Bible in 54 readings.
The direct route – 215 readings to give you a full perspective of the Bible and how it all fits together
Or, the scenic route – diving into the depth of the Bible in 386 readings

Along the way are observation points and exploration points to learn more about the passage. Themes (called side trips) are indicated where you can jump to another passage that deals with the same subject. Information about the lands and cities talked about are included to get more background information on what you are reading.

In the back the Thru-Hike plan is given to read through the entire Bible chronologically. I love how this Bible has reading plans right along with the passages, along with all the helpful historical and background information. The theme of navigating God’s Word is interspersed, making this a journey into discovering Scripture for yourself and perhaps not so daunting a task by having different routes mapped out.

I would definitely recommend this Bible as another way to get into the Word and learn about God. It is the New Living Translation, so is easy to read and understand.

You can see the book trailer here.

*I received this Bible free from the publisher in exchange for my review.

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