The Modern Life Study Bible

I’m always eager to check out new Bibles, particularly study Bibles. We are blessed to have so many Bibles available to us in the English language.

The Modern Life Study Bible: God's Word for Our World

This new Bible coming out is jam-packed with all kinds of interesting features! The purpose for this study Bible appears to be that of helping to show how the issues and concerns that people in biblical times dealt with are not all that different than what we deal with in modern times. Different themes are highlighted throughout the Bible, such as community, work, family, economics and government. Like other study Bibles, this one also has book introductions. What seems to be unique with this Bible is the themes highlighted throughout and the extensive list of jobs that are mentioned in the Bible, showing the similarities between those times and today’s work.

Throughout the Bible, biography articles are included to show some of the people throughout history and their impact on those around them. Insight articles and focus articles helped to bring out the passages, correlating them to modern times and making them more understandable in our modern context. Maps and places are included with background information, helping to make the lands of the Bible real. Timelines are included with prophets like Isaiah to show what kings were in power during his years of prophecy. All these features help to make the Bible more understandable, as well as adding depth and historical background to make the context make sense to our modern eyes.

My one disappointment with this Bible was that it is in the New King James Version. This is just a personal preference, as this is a good translation. I find it harder to read than translations such as New American Standard Bible or English Standard Version. Other than that, I love all the features that this Bible offers to help study and understand the context and history of the Bible times.

*I received this Bible free from the publisher (through Booksneeze) in exchange for my review.

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