James Chapter 1

Studying James with a friend (working on chapter 4 this week)

Chapter 1 thoughts – trials are equated to testing of faith – ask for wisdom is in the context of trials
Doubting – double-minded
Comparison of poor and rich
Pursuits of riches – fade, pass away
The path from temptation to sin:
1. Enticed by lust
2. Lust conceives
3. Lust gives birth to sin
4. Sin brings forth death
But God gives good things
Anger doesn’t produce righteousness. Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger
Humility – receive word of truth
Doers not just hearers – application; look intently at law then abide by it
Contrasted; forgetful hearer vs. effectual doer
tongue must be bridled or religion is useless
definition of pure and undefiled religion according to God is:
-visit orphans and widows in their distress
-keep oneself unstained by world
Interesting note: Greek for trial and temptation is the same
Response to trials is to consider it joy – meant to produce endurance, to make them perfect/complete
Cross-references (from NavPress Lifechange series on James): Matt 5:11-12 (Beatitudes-blessed are those who are persecuted; rejoice); Rom 5:3-5 (tribulation brings perseverance/endurance, turns into character), Heb 2:10 (Jesus perfected thru suffering)
Trials cause us to turn to God, rely and trust in Him which increases our faith
V. 4 – lacking in nothing
v. 5 – but if you lack…wisdom – needed for enduring trials
Example of trials – humble circumstances; rich – doesn’t stay, not something to rely on/fades away
If you do persevere – reward is crown of life
Reminder that trials/temptation – God doesn’t tempt evil
God’s gifts are good – even trials; the goal is first fruits, character; be complete. End result is outward example; putting away filthiness/wickedness; receive the word of truth humbly
Practice what you learn/hear – another example: controlling the tongue, helping those in need; remain unstained by world.

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