James Chapter 2

Thoughts on James chapter 2

-Judging with evil motives
-Law (called royal law) – love neighbor as yourself

Showing favoritism is a sin
Mercy triumphs over judgment
1 transgression – guilty
Faith and works – work together
The works are what perfects faith
Comparison to body without spirit
Faith without works is useless

Key words:

From the Bible Knowledge Commentary:
 – works is the finality of faith
 – verb eteleiothe – carry to the end (was made complete)
 – Abraham “justified by faith evidenced by what he did”

Tests of true religion:
 – bridles his tongue
 – visits orphans and widows
 – keep oneself unstained from world

Main point in verses 1 – 13: Love your neighbor; do not show partiality

Reasons for not showing partiality
-Faith in Jesus
-Judges with evil thoughts (Matthew 7; Luke 6)
-Poor are those God has chosen
-Dishonors poor
-Rich are the oppressors
-Rich blaspheme Christ
-Committing sin, breaking the law

Compares to being double-minded, confusing our worldly values with heavenly
We will give account/be judged for our actions – yet Christ’s righteousness has been placed on us – opening freedom to live for God rather than sin
Judged without mercy if we show no mercy

Main point in verses 14 – 26: Faith without works is not true faith
(Galatians 5:6 – Paul) – Faith through love
(1 John) – Faith evidenced by practicing righteousness and loving our brother
(Matthew 7) – Fruit of person shows whether they are false or true
Faith is proven through our actions.


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