James Chapter 3

Thoughts on James, chapter 3 –

-Teachers are held to stricter judgment
-Can tame animals but cannot tame the tongue
-Wisdom contrasted – Earthly vs. Heavenly (Above)

Earthly/Unspiritual Wisdom
Heavenly/Spiritual Wisdom
Selfish Ambition
Disorder (Unstable)
Vile Practice
Open to Reason
Full of Mercy
Good Fruits

Perfect – meaning mature/complete

The tongue is compared to the rudder and a bridle. What’s done with the tongue affects the whole person. Controlling our tongue requires wisdom. Meekness of wisdom – need humility. Proper wisdom leads to peace.

What comes from the tongue – is good and bad both coming out?
Comparison of fresh and salt water – should not be so, these do not come from the same source. A fig tree doesn’t produce olives.

Wisdom is applying knowledge to practical living.


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