Leadership for Women in the Church by Susan Hunt & Peggy Hutcheson

Leadership for Women in the ChurchLeadership for Women in the Church by Susan  Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Focusing on Jesus rather than our circumstances will enable us to run the race with wisdom. Notice that it is not the responsibility of the runner to determine the course of the race. We are to run the race that our sovereign God sets before us with Jesus as our model.”

“As Christians, we are a people in process; and in God’s economy the process is more important than the program we desire to see implemented or the change we desire to see occur…Our sanctification, our being conformed to the image of Jesus, is our Father’s goal for us. Over and over in his Word he tells us that often it is through adverse circumstances that the Holy Spirit brings about internal, sanctifying changes in our hearts.”

“Because we have been chosen we have been freed from enslavement to sin and we can now make choices that bring praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus. Not only can we choose activities that are blameless in his sight, we can also choose to have attitudes that reflect the holiness of the Father. Christ gives us the ability to make these choices. Our first priority is to spend time with Christ so that his love will infuse our actions. Then we can serve with a loving spirit in the areas best suited to our gifts. This will produce a proper balance between piety and practice and will help us avoid disastrous distractions.” (emphasis mine)


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