James Chapter 5

Wrapping up the book of James

In chapter 5 I saw a correlation to the Beatitudes. The rich who live for pleasures are denounced. Those oppressed by the rich cry out to God.
Patience for Christ’s return
Repeated – be patient; Christ’s return is near
Don’t complain – particularly against each other
An example of suffering and patience is the prophets.
We call blessed those who endured (see Matthew 5, the Beatitudes).
Job is an example of endurance. The Lord is compassionate and merciful.
Let your word be true (also in Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7).
Pray during suffering. Be cheerful, sing praises.
The sick are to call elders: pray and anoint with oil.
Prayer in faith – the prayer of a righteous man is effective. (Example – Elijah)
When see others stray – show him his error that he may turn back.

The rich have stored up treasure in the last days. Fattened hearts in a day of slaughter – led life of wanton pleasure and their hope is in treasures not God. Those oppressed by the rich – take heart (their day of judgment is coming). When one strays, bring him back – approach him and try to turn him back.

The theme of James is working out our faith – sanctification. The fruit of our faith will be seen in our actions.


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