Blog Tour: Bible Revival by Kenneth Berding

Bible Revival: Recommitting Ourselves to One BookBible Revival: Recommitting Ourselves to One Book by Kenneth Berding
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This little book packs a big punch! Lack of knowledge of the Bible among American Christians is rather appalling in this day and age. Biblical illiteracy is rampant! This book points us back to the importance of knowing the Bible. It addresses some of the reasons why Christians don’t take the Bible more seriously and counteracts those reasons. A huge reminder that the Bible gives us everything we need to know to live a godly life. What is needed to live a godly life is clear in Scripture. That doesn’t mean everything in Scripture is clear, but what is needed to live a godly life is clear.
We need to get back to learning the Bible and that will only happen if we value the Bible. One reason we don’t value the Bible is the individualistic nature of the society we live in and the independent spirit that we are self-sufficient and don’t need anyone else. In reality we are completely dependent on God for our very lives. We may think we are in control, but ultimately God is on the throne. And He has graciously given us His Word to show us how to live godly lives.
Other points brought out in the book include understanding the Bible: reading and learning it in context as well as what it originally meant in the cross-cultural environment in which it was written. Then we can apply it as we see how it applied to the original audience. We then need to obey the Word. It’s not enough just to know it, but we need to obey and live it in our daily lives. This includes speaking the Word, talking about it with our family and friends in regular conversations. It’s not just for the pastor to talk about God’s Word on Sundays, but each of us as Christians to talk about it with those around us, in a respectful, loving manner.
A very quick read, but a lot of great points to think about and consider. How important is the Bible to your daily life? Do you see the sufficiency in it or are you handling life on your own?

The appendix includes a way to memorize Scripture, one way to get God’s Word in us and make it part of our daily lives.

*I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my review.


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