Bible Reading Plans

I love coming across different Bible reading plans! The trouble is, there are so many plans out there that it’s highly unlikely I will be able to try them all in my lifetime. If you come to my actual blog page Sojourner Between Worlds rather than reading through email or a reader, on the right side of my blog page is a list of various Bible reading plans from various websites under the section titled “Bible Reading Plan Links”. Having recently completed reading through the Bible in 90 Days, I wanted to use a plan that would take me through the Bible by the end of the year. I decided to try the Professor Grant Horners Reading System.

This plan involves reading 1 chapter from 10 lists each day (so 10 chapters a day). Each list is from a different section of the Bible. As you can see from the above picture, Psalms is its own list, as well as Proverbs and Acts. Not all the lists have the same number of chapters, so when you finish a list, you start again at the beginning of that list while continuing on with the other lists. The longest list is List 9 (Old Testament prophets) which takes 250 days to get through. So I will have completed the whole Bible by the end of the year, while having read some portions (such as Proverbs and Acts) several times. I’ve been doing this for over a week so far and am really enjoying it. It is a lot of reading, but not as much as was involved with the Bible in 90 Days. Also, I’m a pretty fast reader and can get through 10 chapters in about 20 minutes. That will vary with longer chapters (such as Psalm 119).
I’m using the Net Bible Reader’s Edition to go through this reading plan.

I’m thinking that with as fast as I read, I may be able to read through the Bible every 6 months or so rather than taking a year to do it. So with the different reading plans that I want to try, I can just read 2 days’ worth of reading to finish the plan in 6 months. So the plan is to stop doing the Horner plan at the end of the year (it is actually a perpetual plan, not necessarily a yearly one and can be modified as needed for less chapters each day).
Starting in January of 2015, I hope to start the ESV Daily Reading Bible.

This Bible uses the M’Cheyne Reading Plan, which is designed to take the reader through the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year, while reading the rest of the Bible once that year. I may try to do this in 6 months, but will have to see as it is more than reading through the entire Bible just once.
What kind of reading plan do you use for reading your Bible regularly? Have you found a plan that works well or still trying different ones out?

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