Bible Study Magazine Review

The Logos Network publishes the Bible Study Magazine. I was given a free copy in exchange for a review. The issue I received was the May/June 2014 issue.

My review – overall, I thought this was a good magazine. There are articles relating to Bible Study and an actual 8-week study is included. In this issue, the study goes through the Sermon on the Mount. Other articles from this issue included exploring the 4 Gospels and the themes that are evident in each. Tips on studying a parable in Luke are given.

As with most magazines these days there are a lot of advertisements. But I would say the articles are well-written and good for increasing our understanding of the Bible, as well as encouraging us to dig deeper and study the Bible more thoroughly. I am not in agreement with some of the people that they feature in the magazine, but it seems to be coming from a broad evangelical standpoint. So others might not have a problem with the people that are featured. In spite of that, if I had the money, I would probably consider subscribing to the magazine.

Thanks to Logos and Bible Study Magazine for the free copy!


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