Between Worlds by Marilyn Gardner

Between Worlds Essays on culture and belongingBetween Worlds Essays on culture and belonging by Marilyn Gardner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A collection of essays regarding growing up as a third culture kid, this book started off with stories that sent me back in time to my own childhood growing up on the mission compound in Bangladesh. The Muslim call to prayer, hot chai, vacation to the beach – memories of my own experience came back in reading of the author’s own childhood experiences in a country not so far from where I myself grew up. The essays are divided into sections, dealing with topics all TCKs (third culture kids) can easily relate to: home, identity, belonging, airports, grief & loss, culture clash, and good-byes. Ah, the inevitable good-bye!
“invisible immigrant” – looking like you should belong but not really knowing the culture of your passport culture. It’s not obvious that don’t belong so your cultural taboos are more blatant.
“If there is a common thread of experience among third culture kids it may be paralysis in the cereal aisle.” The overwhelming feeling of walking into a Walmart after being overseas for several years – that “whoa!” feeling resonates.
Well written, the words flow in this book, bringing alive my own memories of the many good-byes, the wondering of who I really was and the friend in college who helped me to navigate this new culture that I was now part of. If you are a third culture kid or are raising a third culture kid, you will find this book speaks to your soul. There are also helpful tips for dealing with culture shock and also recognizing that grief looks different for different people.
Definitely recommended!

*I received a copy of this book free from the author. Many thanks!


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