Joy!: A Bible Study on Philippians for Women by Keri Folmar

Joy!: A Bible Study on Philippians for Women

I love inductive Bible study, though it can be hard work at times and a discipline to do. I have enjoyed the Kay Arthur inductive studies in the past and was eager to do the new studies by Keri Folmar put out by Cruciform Press.
I was not disappointed! This is a great study, following the inductive method of observation, interpretation and application. One of the things I really liked about this study is she would have you read a longer passage, and then read just a few verses and answer questions on those verses, having read them already in the larger context. Context is so crucial and this study allowed for that.
One thing I found was that if I was using a different translation, she would ask questions about specific words and those words might be different in the different translation. Typically I used the NASB and the NET Bible when doing this study, while the study primarily references the ESV translation. Not really a problem, but good to know if using a different translation then the ESV. Often I would pull up the ESV to compare so was seeing what the verses were saying in the different translations, which added to the study.
This study was quite in depth, sometimes only studying a couple verses for the day. Thought-provoking questions are asked to get you to observe the text, discover its meaning and then apply it. The last week of the study was used to review the whole book and go over final themes and applications.
For those who long to better study the Bible, this was a great study guide to use to dig into the Word. Next up I will be doing the Faith study on James.


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