Holding the Rope by Clint Archer

Holding the Rope
by Archer Clint
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very quick, easy read providing an apologetic for the purpose of short term missions. Short term missions can cause more harm than good and the author takes us through what makes short term missions impactful rather than harmful. After showing the biblical pattern of short term missions in the book of Acts, he looks at who short term missions is for. While there is the participant, the sending church, the local unbelievers, and the receiving church, the ultimate purpose behind short term missions is to come alongside and assist the missionary. We are the ones to “hold the rope” for them while they are in the pit.
After challenging us to rethink whom short term missions is for, the author then proceeds to go through the steps of a fruitful short term trip: determining where to go, when works best for the missionary, what type of ministry is needed, etc. Determining what the costs will be and accepting applications, the author also gives a sample application questionnaire and how to weed out those who may not be best for that particular trip.
This is a very handy primer on how to do short term missions most effectively and should be a great resource for every church to look at how they do short-term missions to make the most impact, not only for assisting the missionary but to grow their own members. Highly recommended resource for churches that want to be more effective in short term missions and in coming alongside their missionaries.

*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher William Carey Library in exchange for my review.

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