ESV Women’s Devotional Bible

I love the ESV Bible translation (and I love Bibles!) so when I heard that Crossway was publishing a Women’s Devotional Bible in the ESV, I was eager to get one.  When one was sent to me for review, I fully expected a copy of the hardcover version, but was very pleasantly surprised to receive one of the Trutone versions. It is a beautiful Bible!
ESV Women's Devotional Bible

The size is perfect for carrying to church and yet the type is not too small but is easily readable (something I’m starting to look for in Bibles as I get older :-).
Throughout the Bible are placed short devotional articles to bring out a particular passage. The devotionals are written by a variety of authors, both men and women. In the back of the Bible, there are a few articles on different topics in the Bible as well, such as How to Make the Most of Your Bible Study and Why Is Doctrine Important. There are also articles on issues particularly of interest to women, such as dealing with eating disorders, and women at risk.
Each book of the Bible has a short introduction with background and key themes. Also throughout the Bible are short profiles on different Bible characters such as Moses, Naomi, and Isaiah. There is also a dictionary of key terms in the back of the Bible for reference.
All in all, this is a great Bible for women to have for reading and reflection. The complete Bible text is there and the devotionals and articles supplement the reading. I would recommend this Bible for those looking for a devotional Bible particularly geared to women. The size is also great to use for carrying to church or studies.

*I received a copy of this Bible free from the publisher Crossway.

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