The Company We Keep by Jonathan Holmes

The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship
by Jonathan Holmes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a fast-paced world of technology, friendships easily become surface and superficial. But God has called us as Christians for something more as the body of Christ. In this book, the author takes a look at biblical friendships: what they are, what they aren’t and traits to develop to become a biblical friend.
“Truly biblical friendship is embodied in the Trinity, empowered by Jesus Christ, and intended as a spiritual discipline among God’s people for the purpose of glorifying him.”
Biblical friendship is intended to be a testimony to other Christians and to be a witness to the outside world of the love of Christ. Some of the traits needed to develop this type of friendship are constancy, candor, carefulness and counsel. These types of friendship take time to build and must be continued on through the good and the bad, helping each other in time of need. Transparency is needed, yet carefulness to guard the others’ private concerns. Counsel is seen throughout Proverbs as being a characteristic of biblical friendship. Traits to guard against that will destroy a biblical friendship are hurtful speech, such as gossip or slander, anger and jealousy.
Biblical friendships take time and must be more than just the online status quo that is so prevalent among friendships today. This book is a needed reminder of what true friendship looks like in a day and age when often friends are treated as one more project or program in our lives.

*I was sent a copy of this book free from the publisher Cruciform Press in exchange for my review.


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