The Scripture Cannot Be Broken

A collection of essays regarding the inerrancy of Scripture and the importance of this issue for Christians, this book was a little harder to read than I had anticipated. Each of the essays are by different authors, so the writing isn’t the same throughout, but I had trouble with the book really grabbing me. It may be that the writing was more technical than I’m used to reading. I ended up giving up on the John Murray essay I was attempting to read on “The Attestation of Scripture” and jumping ahead to the next essay by J.I. Packer.
The doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture is a critical doctrine particularly today when absolute truth is discarded and everyone has their own idea of what is true or not. The essays in this book seek to attest to the importance of this doctrine and to counter arguments against inerrancy. They also seek to define what inerrancy means. Some of the authors included are John Frame, B.B. Warfield, and others I hadn’t heard of before such as Edward J. Young and Alan Stibbs. This book seems to be more geared toward the scholarly reader and it takes a bit of effort to digest what is being presented.

*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher Crossway in exchange for my review.

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