The More You Learn

Originally published on my private blog on October 19, 2014:

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss. But we are called as Christians to grow in our knowledge and maturity, to move from milk to meat. Part of spiritual growth is learning theology through study of God’s Word. It’s also learning discernment and comparing all teachings to Scripture to see if they line up. As I read and study, I learn that some books or authors that I previously thought were great, do not teach what lines up with the Bible. Discernment means being able to determine if someone is Biblical. Recently I learned some of the beliefs of one of my favorite Christian music groups-Phillips, Craig and Dean. Apparently they are part of the Oneness movement and do not believe in the Trinity. Rather they believe that God manifests himself either as God the Father, God the Son or the Holy Spirit. One of my favorite songs by them is You Are God Alone. Yet, when the one singing the song doesn’t believe in the same God that is found in Scripture, what god are they really singing about? I found I was no longer comfortable listening to that song since the god they are singing about is not the God of the Bible. I’m no longer able to listen to their music now that I know what they profess to believe about God. It’s a shame, but as part of our growth we must always compare with Scripture. Even the music we listen to, the lyrics of Christian songs, must be compared with what the Bible says to see if it is accurate teaching.


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