Our Journey through Eastern Europe, Part 1: Poland

My husband Jono works doing IT/computer networking for a missions agency, SEND International. Recently he and I had the opportunity to go visit some of the countries where SEND works to see what the missionaries are doing and for Jono to offer some technical support as needed. Here is the travel log from that experience.

October 2, 2015 – Detroit (Metro Airport)
Sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane to Frankfurt (and then on to Wroclaw). Can’t believe after all the planning and preparing we are finally here. It was a little strange not having Mocha around last night and this morning. But it did make packing easier. Hopefully we didn’t forget anything important. Excited!

Ready to go!


October 3 – Frankfurt Airport
Long layover in Frankfurt. Had a good flight and dinner on the flight was good. Rested but did not actually sleep. We were able to watch the movie Terminator: Genisys, which was pretty good (nudity in it though). Ate breakfast at Frankfurt airport. Was good but pricey. Did some resting while waiting for flight to Wroclaw.
October 4 – Wroclaw, Poland
Market Square, Wroclaw, Poland
Yesterday we arrived in Wroclaw, along with all our bags. We didn’t even have to go through customs! The Hamiltons picked us up and drove us into the city where we met up with the Irons. We walked around for a while, taking pictures and enjoying Market Square. 
Catholic Church in Wroclaw
We visited a Baroque style church were a wedding was taking place. Then we ate at a Polish restaurant, and had real pierogies. Delicious! 
We then walked up a tower – 302 steps! that wound around and around – whew! But the view of the city was spectacular! We took some time to take it in and then prayed for the city lying before us. After a long walk down (narrow and winding), we went and got some souvenirs and then had ice cream. Then we headed back to Hamiltons for the night. Had a great night of sleep and today are heading out to one of the churches and to visit a church and SEND missionaries (Lubin – Sunday 10/4).
Overlooking Wroclaw, Poland
October 4 – Lubin, Poland
Jono gives his testimony
We visited Lubin today, went to a Polish church (name I can’t pronounce – see camera pics and video). Had communion. Recognized most of the music but with hearing the Polish words had trouble remembering what the English was in order to sing along. Was able to sing along for a couple. Amazing to be singing with believers from a different country and sharing communion together. All serving the same God. Jono gave his testimony with a translator. It went very well.
SEND Missionaries in Lubin, Poland
Afterwards we went to lunch at a SEND missionary home – Paul and Carlene Eager. Were joined by Ed and Laida (Filipino missionaries) and Pat Weathersbee. Salads and pierogies – very good. Paul took us along while taking his daughter and her friends to a soccer game. He showed us around Lubin and where the church’s new building will go up. Then we went back to Eagers for dessert and Jono helped Pat with her computer. Great time of fellowship together. 
On way back the Hamiltons showed us the building where a new church plant will be in Legnica.
Building for new church plant in Legnica
There was a drop box for babies at a building across the street (said Window of Life in Polish). We then picked up Joshua at the train station and went back to Hamiltons where we hung out and talked for a while. Tomorrow another city with SEND missionaries – Opole.
October 5 – Opole, Poland
Drove out to Ayers’ house. Jono worked on someone’s computer, while Judy homeschooled. Michelle and I hung out talking.
At the Ayers home
At 1:00, we drove into town of Opole for lunch and ate at Manekin. Very good crepes. Then we walked around the city and went to their church, which is newly independent.
Opole Church
Then on to Mitch’s apartment for Jono to work on a couple computers.
Then back to Hamiltons for the night.
Jono assists Mitch with computer

Part 2 (coming soon) is our time in Hungary.

Gospel Conversations by Robert Kellemen

Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ (Equipping Biblical Counselors)Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ by Robert W. Kellemen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book actually follows Gospel-Centered Counseling, which I have not read, so I felt a little lost at the beginning. It is meant to be used as a training manual or textbook for training in biblical counseling. Very practical and hands-on, with questions designed to make you think and be real in community with others. I am considering whether to pursue getting an ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) certification, so was interested in reading this book to get some of the principles.
While providing biblical counseling principles, the book also shows what is needed to be an effective biblical counselor. Some of it was a little over my head, but perhaps that is because I haven’t read the previous book and I’m not familiar with some of the terminology. For those who are interested in lay counseling or even just helping others with whom we have a relationship, this book is practical. It provides foundational principles for counseling biblically and takes one through scenarios. I think this would be best utilized in a small group or training class rather than trying to use it on one’s own.

*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher Zondervan in exchange for my review.

90 Days through the New Testament in Chronological Order by Ron Rhodes

90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order by Ron Rhodes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m always eager to find books and reading plans to help encourage people in reading their Bibles. I also find it interesting when done chronologically, as it helps to see the flow of how things happened (though scholars disagree on the order). This book by Ron Rhodes is to be used in conjunction with reading the New Testament in chronological order.
It starts off in the Introduction giving the background and reliability of the New Testament books and challenges to developing a chronological order. Then it jumps into the reading plan for reading through the New Testament in 90 days. This book can be used as a devotional supplement to one’s reading plan.
Each day (chapter) gives the passages to read. It includes an introduction to one of the Bible books (author, date, facts about the book). Then an overview of the reading is given along with the big ideas. Insights for some of the more difficult verses are given as well. Also included with that day’s reading are cross-references for further digging and the major themes of the passages for that day. Application is brought out (called Life Lessons), along with questions for reflection and discussion. This allows for the book to be used with a small group that is reading through the New Testament together. Verses to remember are included and could be used for memorization.
I thought this was an excellent resource and supplement to use with one’s Bible reading. Sometimes trying to read the Bible can seem overwhelming, but this provides some insights and application to help one break it down. Having a goal of 90 days to read through the New Testament keeps one on track. I would definitely recommend this book to help with reading through the New Testament.

*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher Harvest House in exchange for my review.