Our Journey through Eastern Europe, Part 2: Hungary

For Part 1, see here.

October 7 – Diosd, Hungary
Yesterday we landed in Budapest around 12:30, and got some pizza while waiting to be picked up. When Dave picked us up, we went back with him to ICSB and he gave us a tour of the school. Saw E and Z during the tour.
International Christian School of Budapest

When T and Z were done with school, we headed back to their house. We went with Dave to drop off bikes to be fixed and then picked up E from soccer. Dinner with the Totmans.

Today we have some down time while others are in school. Jono is getting some work done and working on trouble-shooting E’s tablet. I was able to do an email update and post some pics on Facebook. Later after school we’ll go out and do some sight-seeing and out to eat.
Bridge over Danube

Went into Budapest and saw the Danube.

We then walked through the covered market, which had a bunch of tourist shops. Able to get some souvenirs.

Then we ate at Burger King 🙂 and headed back home. To go into Budapest we took the Metro (subway). Felt like being in NYC. 
Riding the Metro

October 9 – Diosd, Hungary

Yesterday one of the SEND missionaries, Evan Parks, picked Jono up around 10 to go help him with his computer. Then his wife Carrie picked me up around noon and took me over for lunch. We had a nice time of sharing, finding out about what they do and talking about MKs and transition.
Going with the flow – no dryer, no problem!

Back at Totmans, did a load of laundry and then hung up on a drying rack by their fireplace since it was raining outside (they currently can’t use their dryer).

After dinner we skyped with Mom and Dad (for the grandkids) then took family pics.

We went over to another SEND missionary’s house about 8 for dessert – Linc and Kaye Myers.

Had a nice time chatting and Larry Milks (with SEND) stopped in as well. Good to learn about what they do here in Hungary (and other countries with SHARE).
Today is relaxing, then more sight-seeing in late afternoon/evening.

October 10 – Vienna, Austria (Airport)
Budapest Timewheel

Last night after Dave and the kids got home we went back to Budapest. This time when we rode the Metro, we had to switch lines a couple times. We went to see the timewheel, which unfortunately was broken (glass on one side broken). Then on walking to a castle we discovered a festival going on and had some Polish sausage with mustard and potatoes.

Then walked back to Heroes Square, where T gave a history lesson regarding some of the figures.

Heroes Square in Budapest

Street signs are tacked on buildings

Then we rode the Metro to find Mester Utca. That was not the best part of town! after getting a picture (for Michael Mester) we continued home.

We were only able to print our boarding passes from Budapest to Vienna. When we checked in this morning, they couldn’t check us in either and said we’d have to do it in Vienna. They did check our bags through to Ljubljana. In Vienna, we had to go out through customs, check in and print our boarding passes and go back through security. Fortunately it was a 2 hour layover, so we had time.

Part 3, Slovenia coming next.


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