Our Journey through Eastern Europe, Part 3: Slovenia

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October 11 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Our flight arrived early yesterday so Chris was able to pick us up at the curb. After getting back to Jones we had lunch and then went walking through Ljubljana. 
Ljubljana, Slovenia
What a beautiful city! I kept taking pictures of the buildings. It was chilly with the wind blowing but we stopped for some hot chocolate/coffee. We walked through the tourist area and got some souvenirs. It was a lot of fun and a lot of walking.

Then we went back to Jones and had dinner. We slept quite well. Today we go with them to a church and perhaps out to eat. What we do will depend on the weather.
Anniversary dessert
For dessert, because of our anniversary they gave us a Slovenian dessert Kremsnite with a candle in it. It was delicious!
Today we had church – recorded a couple videos of Slovene singing. An Australian missionary translated for us. We had a great talk with him afterwards, about the needs in Slovenia – a need to go back to God’s Word (same as America). Then a pizza place for lunch.
Slovene church

After lunch we ended up playing some games and then went out to visit Ljubljana Castle as it had stopped raining. On the drive up the hill we saw a rainbow over the city – it was huge and beautiful!

Rainbow over Ljubljana
Looking out over Ljubljana
At the castle you can look out over the city – it is beautiful. On one side the mountains are off in the distance (though today mostly covered by clouds). Terrific views.
October 13 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Yesterday we headed out to visit Bohinj and Bled. At Bohinj we climbed up a hill to see a beautiful waterfall in the mountains. Legs were burning after all the walking we’ve been doing and the climb in Poland. It was a great view of the valley and a waterfall.

After hiking back down and getting a couple souvenirs, we headed back toward Bled. We stopped to take some pictures. We got a glimpse of the mountains through a break in the clouds. We ended up going back to Ljubljana for lunch due to cost.

Lake Bled
After lunch, Daniela took the car to pick up the kids from school and we walked back to the house. We hung out for the evening and learned Monopoly Deal. Now we head to Macedonia today.
Part 4, Macedonia, coming soon!

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