Women and Theology

There have been several posts lately about women’s ministry and women blogging, particularly regarding the voices of older women and their lack in the blogging world.

Lisa, part 1
Lisa, part 2

Aimee, part 1
Aimee, part 2



As I’m now in my early 40’s, I’m part of the group of women they are referring to. Part of the concern is the need for the mature voice, for the discussion on the deeper things of theology, for the input of women who have raised children. As someone who doesn’t have kids, I find that I sometimes feel like I don’t particularly fit the mold for women my age. Yet I have been a Christian for many years and have especially grown in the last several years in my knowledge of theology and how to study the Bible. And I have a passion for others to know the Bible, to study it for themselves, and to understand theology and what it is that they believe and why. Part of this passion has spilled over into the ministry I’ve started of Solid Food Ministries. The desire behind that ministry is for believers to grow from milk to the meat of the Word.

I’m really glad these women are talking about this and I’m happy to see that there are others out there who share my love for theology and the deeper things. Oftentimes we get so busy in our daily lives, wrapped up in our current issues and problems, we forget that there are others out there who share our passions. And it’s good to evaluate what is needed – the mature, older women speaking out about truth and building into the lives of the younger women. With age comes maturity (usually!) and wisdom that can then be passed on to others to help them in their growth. As I’ve become interested in teaching the Bible to women in these last couple of years, and have had the time to pursue training in it, I’m thankful that I’m older now as I delve into this pursuit. I don’t think I was mature enough in my faith at 30 to be an effective teacher. Not that I have all the answers now, but I’m further along in my knowledge and understanding than I was at 30. And I continue to learn and grow in this area.

I am eager to see what comes of these conversations and how us older women can use our gifts and knowledge to help grow the body of Christ together.

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