When It Comes to Book Reviews

Earlier today I posted a book review for Rediscovering Discipleship over at my Sojourner blog as part of a book review blog tour. I’ve been doing “formal” book reviews for quite a few years now where the publisher sends me a copy of the book (whether the physical book in the mail or the ebook via Kindle) for me to read and review on my blog and Amazon. This has been a great way to discover new authors as well as get free books. But sometimes I end up requesting too many at once and feel a little panicky on getting them all read in time. Or I feel pressured to continue reading even if I don’t like the book. I keep telling myself that I need to stop requesting review books, especially since I have so many of my own books that I need to read. But publishers keep coming out with new and interesting-looking books! How am I supposed to resist this? 🙂

I am hoping with this latest review post to take a break from formal reviews in order to spend more time on my own reading. Another book was posted for a blog tour but I am not allowing myself to sign up for this one. I need to get some of my own books read. Also by reading my own (or library) books I won’t feel pressured to necessarily review a book if I don’t want to or have a hard time expressing what I thought of it. It does mean not getting free books, but really, do I need any more at this point?

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