Women, Theology, and Going Deeper

One of my passions and desires is to study the Bible and to teach other women how to study the Bible for themselves and to learn the Bible together in community. My interest in Bible study and theology has grown over the years as I have read and learned. Now my hope is to encourage other women to develop this interest and passion in their own life, to the end that we grow in our Christian walk to become more like Christ. I have to guard myself against the tendency of having it all be head knowledge and not living out what I am learning. Knowing theology and doctrine is important, but only insofar as it causes us to change and grow, being transformed in our lives.

The Internet and social media has made it possible to connect with other like-minded women, those who also have a passion and desire to learn the Bible and theology and to grow in holiness. Sometimes it can be hard to find these relationships in our local community, depending on where we live. While online relationships can’t make up for the physical, face-to-face ones, they can help challenge and equip us in our daily growth. Sometimes it can be as simple as seeing someone else with similar interests as you.

I enjoy reading theology books and am hoping to even delve into some of the more “classic” works such as Millard Erickson, Charles Hodge and perhaps even Louis Berkhof. But there doesn’t seem to be any systematic theology books out there written by a woman or women. Though sometimes hard to find, I know there are plenty of women out there who like theology and study it. Perhaps some of us should join together and write a systematic theology from a woman’s perspective. Not that theology changes whether it’s done by a man or woman, but sometimes there are nuances that are different between a male or female author. Perhaps having a woman/women write a systematic theology would offer some interesting nuance in the whole field of theological study. Who’s with me? Let’s do this!


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