How a Book Can Change Your Life

Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word
So in the early summer of 2014, I read a book by Kathleen Nielson called Bible Study. This book, unbeknownst to me, God would use to set me on a trajectory that I could never have imagined. In the book, Kathleen quotes various women, one of whom was listed as being involved with women’s ministry and Bible study at a local church in my area. I recognized the name of the church and had several friends I knew from there through scrapbooking. So I was able to contact this woman on Facebook to let her know of my interest in Bible study and that I was wanting to learn how to teach the Bible to women. She let me know of a women’s training program that her church was doing during the school year and I was invited to participate even though I wasn’t a part of that church. I then also found out through her about the Simeon Trust workshops that are held which train women in how to study and teach the Bible. With help from my church, I was able to attend this workshop and get the excellent training that it provides. I was also able to meet Kathleen Nielson, whose book was what had started the whole journey that brought me there. Simeon Trust also offers online courses in training how to study and teach the Bible and I am currently taking one of those courses and learning how to teach the different genres of the Bible. All of this transpired as a result of reading this book and being able to connect with a woman in my local area who knew about these resources. You never know what or whom God will use in your life to direct and shape you.

My review of Bible Study


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